Banish 45 BPISTIN Alpha booster




These booster assemblies are a direct replacement for the Banish 45 booster to allow the use of BPISTIN pattern booster pistons, which includes:

-All ECCO Machine booster pistons

-All SilencerCo booster pistons

-All Kaw Valley Precision booster pistons

-Rugged Obsidian 9 & 45 booster pistons

-Dead Air Odessa booster pistons

-OSS Rad 9 & 45 booster pistons

-Current YHM booster assembly  pistons

-Griffin Cam Lok or EZ Lok pistons for SilencerCo/Rugged pattern


They are also female threaded for Alpha pattern accessories, including Griffin Cam Lok 1.125-28 Direct Thread adapter, Griffin Plan A Alpha, SilencerCo AC2447 & AC2448 3 lug adapters, SilencerCo ASR Alpha, SilencerCo (Alpha) Harvester 300 Direct thread adapters, Q Plan B Alpha and others.  The housings are made from 17-4 H900 stainless steel, the retainer caps are 6Al-4V Gr. 5 titanium.

Banish 45 booster specs:

Overall length w/cap: 2.16″

Flange length: 1.5″

Flange diameter: 1.37″

Thread tenon length: .53″

Weight W/O piston: 4.2 oz.

Distance from flange shoulder to front of booster: .53″

Due to the external design of the Banish suppressor, the piston indexing notches for BPISTIN pattern pistons have to be drilled just ahead of the mating flange but behind the threads.   A 1-1/16 x 1/16 or 27 x 1.5mm Silicon O ring in a shallow groove is used to seal this connection, but the indexing notch holes will still vent into the threads, so judicious application of a synthetic lubricant like thick silicon grease is recommended to suspend the carbon and prevent difficulty removing the booster assembly.


Piston shank protrusion behind cap (all boosters): 1/4″ with standard 2″ long piston.


Though we sometimes have SOCOM black assemblies on hand, expect color options to add 5-10 business days to ship time.


These assemblies include booster housing, retainer with O-ring, and spring. They DO NOT include a piston, but you can add a piston in the drop down here:

Additional information

Weight N/A
Moly Resin

Foliage Green, Light Grey Flat, Natural 17-4 H900, Burnt Bronze, Coyote Brown, Tan FDE, SOCOM Black, Grey-Black Colt Flat, OD Green, Flat Brown

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Banish 45 BPISTIN Alpha booster
Banish 45 BPISTIN Alpha booster
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