Gyrex Taper Mount Helix Port Brakes & Adapters




The ECCO Machine Gyrex helix port (patent pending) taper brake was developed to optimize blast chamber efficiency with high velocity rifle cartridges, the compound angle offset ports creating a vortex in the blast chamber. As with any taper mount design, the taper ensures better alignment and retention than simple direct thread so your point of impact remains the same from shot to shot, and each time you remove & install the suppressor. The 1-12 UNF threads allow rapid 4-revolution installation and removal while the wide 12° included taper ensures solid mating with the fairly coarse threads.


Both the brakes and the Bravo adapter are made from 17-4 stainless steel, heat treated to H900 temper.

The Gyrex brake protrudes 1.4″ into the suppressor from the rear face of your Bravo threads, and we recommend a minimum 1/4″ clearance from the front of the brake to the blast baffle tip, so you should have at least 1.65″ from the rear face of your can to the blast baffle tip for Gyrex.

All Gyrex brakes are through-threaded; due to the bored-from-rear design, they cannot have an internal shoulder to register on muzzles.

The Taper and thread pattern for Gyrex are proprietary.  Neither the muzzle devices or adapters are compatible with other taper mount systems.

Gyrex Helix port taper mount brake specs:
Overall length: 1.85″
Brake body diameter: .8″
Weight: ~3 ounces
Wrench flat size: 7/8″
Taper brake Bravo adapter specs:
Length: .78″
Flange Diameter: 1.5″
Flange thickness: .2″
Male Thread: 1.375-24
Weight: 2 ounces

Taper brake Alpha adapter specs:
Length: .78″
Flange Diameter: 1.37″
Flange thickness: .425″
Male Thread: 1.125-28
Weight: 1.3 ounces

Custom color options for the adapter flange are no extra charge, but add 5-10 business days to ship time. Color options do not apply to the brake, and are only applied on the flange of the adapters.

Additional information

Brake Sizes or Adapter only

Bravo Pattern Adapter (1.375-24), Alpha Pattern Adapter (1.125-28), 1/2-28, .224 Cal Brake Only, 5/8-24, .30 Cal Brake Only, M14x1 LH .30 Cal Brake Only

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Gyrex Taper Mount Helix Port Brakes & Adapters
Gyrex Taper Mount Helix Port Brakes & Adapters
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