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ATTENTION: Dealer pricing discounts will automatically apply in the cart at checkout! Please reference our tiered dealer pricing structure at the bottom of this page to find the discount rates per quantity ordered.


Shipping to addresses other than FFL premises address: This is permitted by federal law, and we will do it in accordance with our carrier policies.   In order for us to ship regulated items to an address other than the FFL premises, the alternate address MUST be visible on FFL EZ check.  It is your responsibility to determine if state law in your state allows this; if we come to know that you tried to have us do this in violation of your state law, we will revoke the account.

States where silencers are banned: Because we abhor “good for thee but not for me” public policy, we will NOT sell suppressors or any other items citizens are disallowed to government agencies in California, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York or Rhode Island.  The sole exception to this policy is sales to a law enforcement agency in which the current CLEO has publicly and in an official capacity denounced the state’s infringement of its citizens’ constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  We do support law enforcement and understand that LEAs have little to no input on legislation, but if your sheriff or chief hasn’t done this on behalf of the people, we cannot in good conscience sell to the agency.