All ECCO Machine products carry a lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. If you have a problem with one of our products, please contact us through the website, by email at info@eccomachine.net, by Facebook messenger at facebook.com/ECCOMachine or by phone at 303-646-5202 or 303-990-7953.

Determinations are at our sole discretion. If we determine that there is a defect, your product will be repaired or replaced free of charge, including shipping costs. Any coverage of additional transfer fees and/or taxes will be at our discretion based on the specific circumstances.

ECCO Machine offers no warranty on any product we do not manufacture. Warranty on products we repair or modify is only on the workmanship of the service performed and parts we manufactured & installed.

If you elect to have us perform a modification to a part or assembly against our recommendation, there is no warranty, whether it was one of our parts/assemblies or not.

Warranty Disclaimer
Misuse or abuse of products, including suppressor misalignment resulting in damage, is not covered under warranty. Modifications to parts or assemblies may void warranty. We will not reimburse repairs done by 3rd parties. ECCO Machine is not liable for any damage to other parts or assemblies under any circumstances. Use of firearms has inherent risks and we have no control over the other parts, assemblies and consumables that may be used in conjunction with our products; as such, ECCO Machine bears no responsibility for any injury or loss.

It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the cartridge(s) and host weapon barrel length(s) are within the range of approved uses for the suppressor, that the firearm bore is sufficiently aligned with the suppressor bore, that the projectiles being used are of appropriate diameter for the suppressor bore, that projectiles are properly stabilized and not being driven at velocities that cause them to exceed their maximum rotational speed, that the mounting system being used is appropriate and sufficiently robust for the host weapon cartridge(s) and barrel length(s), and that the suppressors do not exceed safe operating temperatures (the temperature at which the tube material falls below half of it’s room temperature ultimate tensile strength). All ECCO Machine suppressors have specifically approved cartridges and respective barrel lengths; approved uses include other cartridges not mentioned but having powder charge to bore volume ratios very similar to the approved ones, or within the powder charge & barrel length lists detailed in some suppressor descriptions. If you are unsure about the host barrel length & cartridge you wish to use with your ECCO Machine suppressor, please contact us and we will advise. Ratings based on powder charge assume correct powders for the application and loads within SAAMI maximum operating pressures. Multiple projectile ammunition, including shot loads, duplex bullets, sabot ammunition and flechette rounds, are not approved for use with any ECCO Machine suppressor. Though ECCO Machine suppressors are made of very corrosion resistant materials, we cannot account for all the possible chemical compounds used in the manufacture of ammunition or those that may result from the combustion process and/or reactions with other present elements; Therefor, use of corrosively primed or black powder/substitute black powder ammunition requires timely action to clean and neutralize the corrosive agents.