Suppressor Mount Conversions

ECCO Machine offers mount conversion services using our patent pending Conversion Pieces for many popular suppressors. We can remove the original unsatisfactory mounting system on your suppressor and convert it to use mounts & adapters in industry standard 1.375-24 Bravo (“H.U.B”, “Omega 300”, “Hybrid”) pattern.

1.375-24 Bravo conversion with Moly Resin refinish is $190 + shipping for most steel or stainless steel bodied suppressors ($195 for titanium).  I have moly resin in SOCOM Black, Grey-Black Colt Flat, Flat Grey, Coyote Brown, Flat Brown, Burnt Bronze, OD Green, Foliage Green & Tan FDE.   The conversion allows the suppressor to accept any Omega/Bravo pattern mount, but *DOES NOT* include one.  We do not stock or sell other manufacturer’s mounts, recommend dealing with Hansohn Brothers or Capital Armory for those.  We do manufacture many direct thread mounts and taper mount adatpers that can be found here:

For suppressors which are too small in diameter for 1.375-24 Bravo threads, we can often do an Alpha pattern conversion. 1.125-28 is another industry standard, and though it does not have quite the range of options 1.375-24 does, there are still many mounts and adapters for it.

While most conversions will be compatible with pretty well everything on the market, some suppressors lack the distance to blast baffle or inside diameter within the conversion piece for certain muzzle devices, so we do recommend sending the adapters and muzzle devices you plan to use with the can. JMAC 1.375-24 Bravo (HUB) threaded muzzle brake mounts have a brake body diameter of 1.15″, which is too large for the 1.115″ inside diameter of AAC SD series conversion pieces, including the 7.62 SD, 7.62 SDN-6, M-4 2000, Mini 4, and some other AAC and non-AAC models. We can reduce the body of the brake to fit in most applications, but the brake must be sent in with the suppressor.

We DO NOT do mount conversions on OSS suppressors and some 3D printed suppressors.

Please email us and we’ll provide further information and shipping instruction for this service. We do mount conversions in batches approximately every 6 weeks, so your turn-around time will be 2-8 weeks, depending on when we receive it. There is no backlog/waitlist for this service.

Learn about Suppressor Mounts here:

Download and complete our Mount Conversion Work Order below.

This document must accompany your suppressor when arriving to the shop for this service.

(Contact us for specific shipping instructions. We need to have an email dialog prior to items coming to the shop for service. )