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1.375-24 Bravo (HUB) Mount Conversion – SERVICE DEPOSIT







When you complete the $20 online purchase, you are making a DEPOSIT for the mount conversion service;

conversion pricing is listed below.

Download our work order to send in with your suppressor:

You will need to send in your suppressor for this service. The balance for the service and return shipping fees will be invoiced upon service completion.

We run conversions in batches near the end of every 3rd month in order to be efficient and keep cost down; lead time is dependent on the date of our next batch relative to the date we receive your suppressor.   The rotation is February, May, August, November.   We need to receive your suppressor by the 15th of those months to make that batch, completed conversions will be ready to ship back  the first half of each following month (March, June, September, December). Once the conversion batch is done, the invoicing process will begin. You will be notified by Jerrica directly via the phone number (text message usually) listed on your paperwork regarding the finished conversion and you will be advised on next steps at that time.  If you message us asking when your conversion will be done, we’ll direct you back to this defined schedule.

Please only send in the suppressor and any necessary components we have asked for. Due to our on-site storage space, packaging and shipping costs, we highly recommend that you DO NOT send in the OEM/manufacturer box or any other bulky case for your suppressor. Return shipping fees will be calculated at the end of the service and added to your invoice; if the manufacturer box or aftermarket case is included, there will be an additional $10.00  fee added to return shipping costs

Ship to:

ECCO Machine
37245 Quail Dr
Elizabeth, CO 80107

A copy of your approved Form 4 must be emailed to us or printed and included in the package.
(if a can that is still “in jail” and being sent by the transferring dealer for service, a copy of Form 3)

If you are unable to print the work order, please complete the PDF and email it to us, then include a note IN THE PACKAGE detailing:
-Your full name
-Your email address
-Your return shipping address
-Your phone number (text message capable preferred)
-What service we are performing
-Any other parts sent with it

*A detailed shipping manifest (packing list) is necessary for us to confirm that all items/parts sent are accounted for upon receipt, and to contact you immediately if we’re unable to find something that’s supposed to be in your parcel. If there is not a detailed manifest included with your items, ECCO Machine accepts no responsibility for items that are claimed to have been included but were not found.

We recommend insuring all packages for full value, and we recommend UPS for shipping.   USPS prohibits non-FFLs shipping handguns or suppressors, and other carriers are enforcing new policies that may make it difficult to ship. If you do not have a local FFL who can ship for you, please contact us and we’ll get you a UPS label on our Firearms-Approved account for hub drop-off.   We will be able to return the suppressor directly to the registered owner.

Shipping costs are a pass-thru expense; we will not discount/comp/refund/reimburse any shipping costs.


Deposits are fully refundable for 5 days, 75% refundable for 30 days, non-refundable after 30 days or once we have received & logged in the suppressor. 

Deposits do not ever expire.


This is a service to be performed in our shop. This listing is a service deposit and requires action from you to send in the suppressor for service. The deposit will be applied to your final invoice total at time of completion.


Pricing is as follows (shipping notwithstanding):

1.375-24 Bravo (HUB) conversion on most steel or stainless steel bodied suppressors $200.00, refinish included

1.375-24 Bravo (HUB) conversion on most Titanium suppressors $210.00, refinish included

1.375-24 Bravo (HUB) conversion on suppressors which can be bored & threaded without the need for a conversion piece: $85, refinish included
*VERY few suppressors qualify for simple bore & thread.   The steel YHM Phantom 7.62 is the ONLY common suppressor which does*

IMPORTANT NOTE: The conversion allows the suppressor to accept in-spec Bravo/HUB/”Omega” pattern mounts & adapters, but *DOES NOT* include one.

We sell a wide variety of different mounts and adapters that we manufacture in house for you to choose from if you would like to purchase at time of service or from our online store at any time.


We DO recommend that you send in or drop ship any mounts from another manufacturer so we can guarantee fitment.

Some mounts or adapters may have features that make them incompatible with certain converted suppressors. See list at bottom of page for the compatibility issues we are aware of.


Popular Suppressors for Conversion

Below is an alphabetical list of suppressors commonly sent in for this service. This list does not include every suppressor we have ever converted, just frequent flyers. There are many others that can be done. If you want to have a mount conversion done and do not see your suppressor make and/or model listed below and in the dropdown, please reach out to us directly to discuss.

AAC M4-1000
AAC M4-2000
AAC Mini 4
AAC 7.62 SDN-6
AAC 7.62 SD
AAC 5.56 SD
AAC Cyclone
AAC Ranger
AAC 300 TM
AAC Mk 13 SD

Dead Air Sandman K/S/L
Dead Air Sandman Ti

Gemtech TREK
Gemtech M4-96D
Gemtech G5
Gemtech Halo
Gemtech HVT
Gemtech Quicksand
Gemtech Sandstorm

Griffin M4SD
Griffin 30 SD
Griffin RECCE

Huntertown Arms Kestrel 5.56 & 7.62 ($105 conversion, +$25 to refinish)

Rugged Radiant
Rugged Razor
Rugged Surge
Rugged Micro 30

Sig SRD 7.62
Sig SRD 7.62 Ti
Sig SRD 7.62QD
Sig SRD 7.62 QD Ti
Sig SRD 5.56
Sig SRD 5.56 QD
Sig SRD 5.56 Ti
Sig SRDF 5.56 QD Ti

SWR/SilencerCo Specwar
SWR/SilencerCo Saker


YHM Turbo
YHM Resonator
YHM Phantom 7.62
YHM Phantom 7.62 Ti
YHM Phantom 5.56 (1.125-28 Alpha Conversion ONLY if engraved at rear)
YHM Phantom LT


Suppressors we will NOT perform Conversions on:

-B&T Rotex

-Banish/Silencer Central (all models)

-CGS (all models)

-Crux/Templar Tactical (all models)-These can become Bravo or Alpha compatible only with semi-tubeless recore

-Daniel Defense (all models)

-Innovative Arms (all models)- These can become Bravo or Alpha compatible only with semi-tubeless recore

-KGM R30 & R556

-OSS/HUXWRX (all models)

-Radical Firearms (all models)–These can become Bravo or Alpha compatible only with semi-tubeless recore

-Surefire (all models)–These can become Bravo or Alpha compatible only with semi-tubeless recore

-Other 3D printed suppressors


Moly Resin Color Selection (refinish of entire suppressor is included in conversion pricing)

  • SOCOM Black
  • Grey-Black Colt Flat
  • Flat Light Grey
  • Coyote Brown
  • Tan FDE
  • OD Green
  • Foliage Green
  • Burnt Bronze
  • Flat Brown

Add Ons and Additional Options

Purchase options for ECCO Machine 1.375-24 Bravo Mount/Adapters

  • ECCO Machine Gyrex taper mount adapter and muzzle devices
  • ECCO Machine Direct Thread Adapters in a vast array of different female thread patterns
  • Cherry Bomb/Rearden muzzle device compatible adapters
  • Griffin pattern titanium adapters
  • Griffin pattern .7” long or 1.0″ XL adapters
  • Rugged taper mount adapters
  • Thunderbeast CB adapters
  • Surefire Trainer/Warden conversion service available

Moly Resin Refinish Mount/Adapter (simple one-piece adapters only; we do not refinish multi-piece adapters.)

  • ECCO Machine mounts/adapters; no charge for refinishing same color as suppressor
  • Other one-piece mounts/adapters; no charge for refinishing same color as suppressor

Rocksett or Loctite Mount/Adapter in suppressor; no charge

End cap repairs or replacements (price varies, often no charge if it can simply be formed back to shape and cleaned up, usually $40-$65 for weld repairs or replacement)

Conversion to use removable front end caps is no longer available on tube-type suppressors unless we are recoring them.


-A conversion deposit is required for each suppressor to be mount converted.

-When you send a suppressor in for mount conversion, modifications will commence without further contact unless we determine beforehand that it will be problematic or have increased costs.

-If you are sending multiple suppressors, a completed work order is required for EACH SUPPRESSOR.   The only instance where a single work order will be acceptable is identical cans receiving identical service, including refinish color.

-A missing or incomplete work order may delay the completion of your conversion, especially if we do not have good contact information to reach you in a timely manner.

-If you select “no refinish”, the suppressor will look rough with areas of stripped enamel/raw metal, scratches in remaining enamel from sliding in and out of fixtures, etc.  Please see image labeled “converted suppressors without refinishing”.  If you select “no refinish” and then change your mind after receiving images of your can, completion of your conversion may be delayed.

-If no selection is made for refinishing, the default will be to refinish in SOCOM Black.

-Fixturing/masking & AO abrasive blasting suppressors is half of the refinish process; if you ask us to do only this but not apply moly resin, the service price reduction will be only $12.50.

-If your suppressor has a removable front cap, unless you specifically note to NOT refinish the cap, it will be refinished with the suppressor in the same color.

-If you are opting to purchase our mounts/adapters/muzzle devices, we strongly recommend that you add them to cart on the site and proceed with checkout, then simply add a note to your order that they are for an inbound mount conversion and we’ll put them with your can as soon as it gets here.    We do our best to maintain stock on every product, but we are small and our inventory is in constant flux, so if you have not already made that purchase on the site, we cannot guarantee the availability of the parts you want at the time of conversion service.

-Sometimes suppressors have internal core separations that become evident when we cut away the OEM mount.   These typically must be repaired before completing the conversion, and that is NOT a part of the conversion service pricing.   We will contact you if your suppressor has such an issue, but there is usually no way for us to know before we’re past the point of no return.  Cost of removing & repairing a separated core is variable, depends on the can and nature of the failure, but usually requires a new front cap and average is +$75-$100.

-Occasionally we run into a can with thin spots on the tube or contaminates within that create problems with welding in the conversion piece and force us to do additional cleaning, grind/cut away more material and use filler in the weld, or even remove the core completely to clean and then reassemble everything.   Sometimes there is minimally visible evidence of these repairs, and though we typically just handle it, there are occasionally instances where the extra work involved becomes extensive enough that we have to bill for it.



We attempt to maintain and update these notes about the incompatibility of certain mounts & adapters with certain converted suppressors for your reference.   This is by no means an exhaustive list of every combination.

-Surefire Warden/Trainer-We make them with a smaller forward portion than anyone else we’re aware of offering that service, but they still will not be compatible with converted AAC Mk 13SD or Titans

-JMAC muzzle brake direct thread mounts have a 1.16″ diameter that is incompatible with converted AAC ratchet mount suppressors, Dead Air Sandman, Surefire models.  The OD can be reduced for compatibility with converted 18T/51T cans and Sandman, but not for MK13, Titan or Surefires.

-HUXWRX adapters have a 1.2″ diameter cage protrusion that is 1.5″ long.   It is a critical feature that cannot be reduced in length or diameter, so this adapter will be incompatible with any converted AAC, Specwar, Sandman or Surefire.




As with all of our products, mount conversions are warranted against defects in materials & workmanship for life.   That includes the conversion piece and the weldment to your suppressor, or any other component we manufacture and install.  We do NOT provide a warranty against any other issues with the original components or construction of the suppressor, including but not limited to baffle failures, core separations, end cap separations, tube cracks/bulges/ruptures.  Those issue would be on the OEM, but we expect most will not warranty repair a modified suppressor, so caveat emptor.

Additional information

Suppressor Make & Model (if yours isn't listed, reach out to us directly)

AAC M4-1000, AAC M4-2000, AAC Mini 4, AAC 7.62 SDN-6, AAC 7.62 SD, AAC 5.56 SD, AAC SR5, AAC SR7, AAC SPR/M4, AAC Cyclone, AAC Ranger, AAC 300 TM, AAC Mk 13 SD, AAC TiTAN QD, Dead Air Sandman, Dead Air Sandman Ti, Elite Iron Battledog, Gemtech TREK, Gemtech M4-96D, GEmtech G5, Gemtech Halo, Gemtech HVT, Gemtech Quicksand, Gemtech Sandstorm, Griffin M4SD, Griffin 30 SD, Griffin RECCE, Griffin GP7, Huntertown Arms Kestrel 5.56/7.62, Rugged Radiant, Rugged Razor, Rugged Surge, Rugged Micro 30, Sig SRD 7.62, Sig SRD 7.62QD, Sig SRD 5.56, Sig SRD 5.56 QD, Sig SRD 338, Sig SRD 338 QD, SWR/SilencerCo Specwar, SWR/SilencerCo Saker, TAC ORD TAC-16, YHM Turbo, YHM Resonator, YHM Phantom 7.62, YHM Phantom 7.62 Ti, YHM Phantom 5.56, YHM Phantom LT, Other-I have inquired about this model

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    Derik Oakes
    July 6, 2023
    I sent them an old beat down can and got back a perfect looking can ,… i couldn’t be more pleased .
    June 15, 2023
    I was impressed how easy it was to do this. If you’re on the fence about having work done by ECCO, don’t hesitate. They respond to communication quickly and are happy to assist you any way you might need. I’ll be sending plenty more their way in the future.

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1.375-24 Bravo (HUB) Mount Conversion - SERVICE DEPOSIT
1.375-24 Bravo (HUB) Mount Conversion - SERVICE DEPOSIT
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