1.180-24 Gemtech/Liberty/B-Tube .55″ Extension




This extension is designed to provide some additional clearance with muzzle devices that many of the pistol suppressors with this female thread were never meant to accommodate.   It can also be used for the purpose of installing 1.1875-24 (1-3/16 24) mounts and adapters in a suppressor that has 1.180-24 male threads, a common issue with the two nearly identical thread sizes.

It is generally NOT able to accommodate boosters and 3 lug adapters due to the inside diameter; please check the outside diameter in front of the threads on any booster assembly or 3 lug adapter before ordering this to use with it.

*Stacking extensions is not recommended, and if done for the purpose of increasing blast chamber volume could be considered the making of a new silencer by ATF.  If you choose to do so, it is at your own risk.


Material: 17-4 H900 stainless steel

Length: .95″

Flange thickness: .55″

Flange diameter: 1.37″

Through Inside Diameter: 1.04″

Weight: 1.3 ounces

Internal thread: 1.1875-24, .45″ deep

External thread: 1.180-24, .4″ tenon


1.180-24 threaded accessories are compatible with 1-3/16 24 (1.1875-24) threaded suppressors, though fitment will be a bit loose.


In stock Natural finish adapters ship 1-2 business days.  Other color options add up to 10 business days.

Additional information

Moly Resin

Natural 17-4 H900, Burnt Bronze, Coyote Brown, Tan FDE, SOCOM Black, Grey-Black Colt Flat, OD Green, Flat Brown

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1.180-24 Gemtech/Liberty/B-Tube .55
1.180-24 Gemtech/Liberty/B-Tube .55" Extension
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