1.203-28 Dead Air to 1.125-28 Alpha Adapter




This adapter allows you to use your 1.125-28 threaded Alpha pattern accessories like SilencerCo & KVP 3 lug mounts, SilencerCo ASR Alpha, Griffin Cam Lok & EZ Lok 1.125-28 Direct Thread adapters and many others with your 1.203-28 threaded Dead Air Ghost, Wolfman or Wolf 9 suppressor. Installs/removes with a hook type spanner wrench.
*These adapters not compatible with our Alpha booster assembly; the minor diameter of 1.203-28 threads is too close to the minimum 1.085″ bore for the boosters. We make parts as thin and light as possible, but will not compromise integrity and safety by pushing the envelope too far.

Material: 17-4 H900 stainless steel
Length: .95″
Flange thickness: .55″
Flange diameter: 1.37″
Weight: 1.1 ounces
Internal thread: 1.125-28
External thread: 1.203-28
Minimum inside diameter: 1.05″

In stock Natural finish or Black adapters ship 1-2 business days. Other color options add up to 10 business days.

Additional information

Moly Resin

Natural 17-4 H900, Burnt Bronze, Coyote Brown, Tan FDE, SOCOM Black, Grey-Black Colt Flat, OD Green, Flat Brown


    May 8, 2023
    Nick has done recores for me in the past, so I know his work already. I needed this adapter since Dead Air has not released a 3 lug mount in months for my wolfman that is now free. This adapter is used with a KVP 3 lug and my wolfman. It MIGHT add a quarter inch of length compared to what I see online with the Dead Air 3 lug. Worth it if you have a wolfman and are sick of waiting.
    Corey Launch
    November 23, 2022
    I have been looking for a way to mount my DA Ghost on to my fixed barrel guns with Griffin EZ-lok. This worked perfectly paired with the griffin 1.125-28 to EZ-lol adapter. Makes for a nice low-profile set up. Machining and coating was flawless. I am very impressed. Will likely get another for my WOLFMAN.

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1.203-28 Dead Air to 1.125-28 Alpha Adapter
1.203-28 Dead Air to 1.125-28 Alpha Adapter
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