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Griffin GATE-LOK Mount Adapter Conversion – SERVICE DEPOSIT




When you complete the $10 online purchase, you are making a DEPOSIT for the conversion service;

conversion pricing is listed below.


You will need to send in your Griffin Gate-Lok blast shield  and the balance for the service and return shipping fees will be invoiced upon service completion. Lead time is approximately 1-3 weeks from the date we receive it, shipping notwithstanding.

Ship to:

ECCO Machine
37245 Quail Dr
Elizabeth, CO 80107

Additionally, please include a note IN THE PACKAGE detailing:
-Your full name
-Your email address
-Your return shipping address
-Your phone number (text message capable preferred)
-Exactly what ECCO is doing with it
-Any other parts sent with it

*A detailed shipping manifest (packing list) is necessary for us to confirm that all items/parts sent are accounted for upon receipt, and to contact you immediately if we’re unable to find something that’s supposed to be in your parcel. If there is not a detailed manifest included with your items, ECCO Machine accepts no responsibility for items that are claimed to have been included but were not found.


 This is strictly a service for the Griffin GATE-LOK YOU supply. At this time, we do not stock any Griffin Gate-Lok blast shields, nor do we have already converted units on hand


Make sure your muzzle device is compatible with your Gate-Lok blast shield before sending in for conversion service.   Not all birdcage flash hiders or other A2 style muzzle devices have correct dimensions for Gate-Lok.   It must have 5.56mm rear notch dimensions, .860″ diameter, and register surfaces in the correct locations.  The forward register surface needs to be centered approximately 1.27″ from the forward edge of the rear notch that the latch engages.  Extended/extra long flash hiders are generally NOT compatible.


Pricing is as follows (shipping notwithstanding):

Griffin Gate-Lok Mount Conversion to 1.375-24 or 1.4375-20: $135

Griffin Gate-Lok Mount Conversion to other inch thread between 1.125-1.468:  $160


Add Moly resin refinish: +$25 (strongly recommended, conversion piece will be bare metal)



Moly Resin Color Selection

  • SOCOM Black
  • Grey-Black Colt Flat
  • Flat Grey
  • Coyote Brown
  • Tan FDE
  • OD Green
  • Foliage Green
  • Burnt Bronze
  • Flat Brown


*Converted Gate-Loks are NOT usable with our Alpha to Bravo or 1.180-24 to Bravo adapters, as the male thread minor diameters on them dictate a through-bore smaller than the 1.1″ OD forward portion of the converted Gate-Lok mount.   Mount protrudes 3/4″ into suppressor from rear face.

Additional information

Deposit for Service

Griffin GATE-LOK Blast Shield Conversion

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Griffin GATE-LOK Mount Adapter Conversion - SERVICE DEPOSIT
Griffin GATE-LOK Mount Adapter Conversion - SERVICE DEPOSIT
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