1.375-24 Bravo Direct Thread Mounts




1.375-24 Bravo pattern direct thread mounts, 17-4 H900 stainless steel. Except for the lightening holes drilled from the front, these are machined in a single set up from solid bar stock to ensure all critical features are concentric and aligned. These are properly counterbored for installation on AR barrels and others that lack a rear undercut.

Flange diameter: 1.5″
Flange thickness: .2″
Overall height: .65″
Weight: 2.4-2.8 oz
Not sure what Bravo pattern means? Learn more about it here (Scroll to bottom): https://www.eccomachine.net/our-faqs/

Additional information

Muzzle Threads

.578-28, 1/2-24 (Ruger), 1/2-28, 1/2-36, 11/16-24, 13/16-16, 3/4-24, 5/8-18 (Ruger), 5/8-20, 5/8-24, 5/8-32, 7/8-20, 9/16-24, 9/16-28, M13.5x1LH, M13x.75 Browning, M13x1.25 (Browning), M13x1RH, M14x1LH, M14x1RH, M15x1RH, M16x1LH, M16x1RH, M18x1.5 Taper, M18x1RH

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    James D
    October 30, 2022
    This mount completes my F1. Superb machining, fast shipping and great customer service as always.

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1.375-24 Bravo Direct Thread Mounts
1.375-24 Bravo Direct Thread Mounts
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