Service Work Orders

Below you can find service work orders to download. Please ensure to download the specific work order pertaining to the service you are commissioning us to perform. We ask that you download, print and complete a hard copy of the work order and include it in the package along with your item(s) to be serviced.

If there is no work order for the service that you seek, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to reach out to us directly to discuss.

Bravo Mount Conversion Work Order

ECCO Machine offers mount conversion services using our patent pending Conversion Pieces for many popular suppressors. We can remove the original unsatisfactory mounting system on your suppressor and convert it to use mounts & adapters in industry standard 1.375-24 Bravo (“H.U.B”, “Omega 300”, “Hybrid”) pattern. For more information, visit our Conversion service deposit page, scroll down to read the whole description and follow the instructions listed to send in for one of our batches.

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Surefire Warden & Trainer Work Order

We can convert your supplied Surefire Trainer or Warden into a 1.375-24 Bravo (“ASR”) mount adapter. Simply visit our Surefire Trainer/Warden service deposit page, scroll down the page to read the whole description and follow instructions on the page to send it in. This is strictly a service for the Trainer or Warden YOU supply. At this time, we do not stock any trainers or Wardens, nor do we have already converted units on hand

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Recore Work Order

More info: ECCO Machine offers recoring services for all production (Form 4) and Form 1 suppressors. We can employ both serviceable and fully welded non-serviceable core designs, as well as tubeless recores, although not all suppressors have all core type options available due to their construction.

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