Phoenix IX (9mm)




 The slender Phoenix IX is a 9mm handgun & carbine suppressor that offers impressive suppression in a lightweight can that is less obtrusive to your pistol’s sights than common 1-3/8″ diameter cans.  Despite it’s smaller width, the tough stainless steel & titanium construction means you can run all your pistol rounds through it without worry!   The serviceable design with indexing, interlocking stainless steel baffles makes cleaning a snap.

The internal booster housing is BPISTIN pattern, making it compatible with ECCO/SilencerCo/Rugged style pistons, including Griffin Cam Lok or EZ Lok for SilencerCo /Rugged, as well as Dead Air Odessa pistons, Kaw Valley pistons, current YHM booster assembly pistons and OSS Rad 9 & 45 pistons.   The booster housing is threaded 1.125-28 to accept your favorite Alpha pattern adapter, 3-lug or direct thread mount.

Rated for: .9x19mm, 9x21mm, .357 Magnum, .300 blk, 9×39, .350 Legend
Full Auto Rated: Yes with pistol & subsonic rounds
Minimum Barrel Length: None for pistol rounds & subsonic loads, 16″ for high velocity  .300 blk, 9×39, .350 Legend or similar
Length: 8.0″
Length Added to Muzzle: 7.8″
Diameter: 1.25″
Weight (Ounces): 9.8 oz (Incl.  Piston)
Attachment: Interchangeable Pistons & Alpha pattern mounts
Suppression: Appx. 32 dB Reduction; 124.3 dB with 147 gr. 9x19mm ammo
Build Materials: Gr. 9 titanium, Gr. 5 titanium, 17-4 H900 stainless steel
User Serviceable: Yes

Booster housing is integral, and includes the spring and retainer, but we do offer pistol suppressors at a lower price if you intend to run a different adapter or Griffin Cam Lok piston and therefore do not need one of our pistons or direct thread mounts.
Price: $659 W/O piston, $699 w/1 piston or 1 direct thread adapter

An FFL/SOT can only transfer NFA items to residents of the state they are located in. Unless you are a resident of Colorado and will be purchasing at our shop, you will need to provide the FFL & SOT information for your transferring dealer before we can ship. Once we have that information, we will file a Form 3 dealer to dealer transfer and ship your suppressor to your local licensee as soon as the Form 3 is approved, and they will handle your Form 4 transfer from there. The purchase of this item does not cover any fees associated with a  Form 4 transfer.

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Phoenix IX (9mm)
Phoenix IX (9mm)
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