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The Phoenix XLV is a .45 Caliber handgun & carbine suppressor that offers impressive suppression in a lightweight can.  The tough stainless steel & titanium construction means it can take more punishment than common 6061 Aluminum tube suppressors, is easier to clean, and there is more internal volume at the same outside diameter with the much stronger titanium tube able to be about half as thick!   The serviceable design with ten indexing, interlocking stainless steel baffles makes alignment and reassembly a snap.  Cap & piston retainer wrench is included.

The internal booster housing is BPISTIN pattern, making it compatible with ECCO/SilencerCo/Rugged style pistons, including Griffin Cam Lok or EZ Lok for SilencerCo /Rugged, as well as Dead Air Odessa pistons, Kaw Valley pistons, current YHM booster assembly pistons and OSS Rad 9 & 45 pistons.   The booster housing is threaded 1.125-28 to accept your favorite Alpha pattern adapter, 3-lug or direct thread mount.

Rated for: .45 ACP, .44 Magnum, .454 Casull, .450 Bushmaster (subsonic), .45-70 (subsonic), .458 SOCOM (subsonic)
Full Auto Rated: Yes with pistol & subsonic rifle rounds
Minimum Barrel Length: None for standard service pistol rounds & subsonic loads, 10″ for magnum pistol rounds and other loads burning charges over 20 grains.
Length: 7.5″
Length Added to Muzzle: ~7.1″
Diameter: 1.375″
Weight (Ounces): 10.8 oz (Incl.  Piston)
Attachment: Interchangeable Pistons & Alpha pattern mounts
Suppression: Appx. 30 dB Reduction
Build Materials: Gr. 9 titanium, Gr. 5 titanium, 17-4 H900 stainless steel
User Serviceable: Yes

Booster housing is integral, and includes the spring and retainer, but we do offer pistol suppressors at a lower price if you intend to run a different adapter or Griffin Cam Lok piston and therefore do not need one of our pistons or direct thread mounts.

An FFL/SOT can only transfer NFA items to residents of the state they are located in. Unless you are a resident of Colorado and will be purchasing at our shop, you will need to provide the FFL & SOT information for your transferring dealer before we can ship. Once we have that information, we will file a Form 3 dealer to dealer transfer and ship your suppressor to your local licensee as soon as the Form 3 is approved, and they will handle your Form 4 transfer from there. The purchase of this item does not cover any fees associated with a  Form 4 transfer.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 4 in

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Phoenix XLV (.45)
Phoenix XLV (.45)
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