Want a tough can that is light enough to run on locked breech pistols without a booster?   Meet the TLX! Made from 6Al-4V gr. 5 titanium, it is a fully welded 10 baffle tubeless suppressor that can be use on pistols, carbines and sub machine guns. The Alpha pattern threads in the rear will accept 1.125-28 threaded mounts and adapters, including 3 lug and Griffin Cam Lok.   TLX comes standard with an ultralight 7075-T651 direct thread mount in your choice of 1/2-28, M13.5×1 LH, .578-28 or M16x1 LH (specify thread in note when ordering).

TLX has been subjected to torture testing with back-to-back-to-back drum magazine dumps on 900+ RPM sub machine guns, and though it’s not an approved use, we even tested on 16″ 5.56mm and 18″ .308 rifles!  Despite it’s scant weight, it’s a tough little bugger!

Caliber: 9mm or .45

Rated for: (9mm model) 9x19mm, .357 Magnum, .300 blk subsonic, 9×39 subsonic, .350 Legend subsonic (.45 model) .45 ACP, .44 magnum, .450 Bushmaster Subsonic, .458 SOCOM subsonic, .45-70 Subsonic

Full Auto Rated: Yes, keep suppressor under 800°F

Minimum Barrel Length: None with service pistol cartridges, 10″ with full power .357 & .44 magnum and .45 cal rifle rounds.

Length (Inches): 6.5″, 6.8″ with included mount.

Diameter: 1.3″

Weight (Ounces): 4.1 oz (.45) or 4.3 oz (9mm) with included mount

Attachment: 1.125-28 Alpha compatible

Distance from rear face to blast baffle tip: 1.03″

Suppression: ~27 dBA

Build Materials: 6Al-4V gr. 5 titanium

User Serviceable: No


Finish: bead blasted natural or Norrell’s Moly Resin in SOCOM black, gloss black, grey-black Colt flat, burnt bronze, Coyote brown, flat brown, OD green or tan FDE

Use of cast lead bullets is not recommended with sealed suppressors.  However, TLX can be cleaned with harsh chemicals that dissolve lead.   Be sure to remove the aluminum mount first before submerging in solutions that are not aluminum safe.

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 10 in
Moly Resin

Dark Slate, Foliage Green, Light Grey Flat, Burnt Bronze, Coyote Brown, Tan FDE, SOCOM Black, Grey-Black Colt Flat, OD Green, Flat Brown


9mm/.38 cal, .45 Cal

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