Gyrex Single Port Brake




The ECCO Machine Gyrex is a robust taper mount system for suppressors, designed with a large taper interface to provide postive retention and consistent alignment for point-of-impact repeatability every time you reinstall your suppressor on the host.     Additionally, we chose a thread pattern than allows for rapid installation and removal at ~4 revolutions.   These brakes are monolithic with all critical features machined in a single set up to ensure the best possible alignment, and are made from 17-4 stainless steel heat treated to H900 temper for a long service life on any host.

The Gyrex Single Port brake protrudes 1.4″ into the suppressor from the rear face of your Bravo threads, and we recommend a minimum 1/4″ clearance from the front of the brake to the blast baffle tip, so you should have at least 1.65″ from the rear face of your can to the blast baffle tip for Gyrex.

All Gyrex brakes are through-threaded; due to the bored-from-rear design, they cannot have an internal shoulder to register on muzzles.

The Taper and thread pattern for Gyrex are proprietary.  Neither the muzzle devices or adapters are compatible with other taper mount systems.

Gyrex Single Port taper mount brake specs:
Overall length: 1.85″
Brake body diameter: .8″
Weight: ~3 ounces
Wrench flat size: 7/8″

If you need a larger bore size than what is listed for the muzzle threads you have, simply attach a note to the order for  the caliber it needs to be bored for.   This is done at no additional cost, but may add a couple days to ship time, and the front aperture bore will have a normal stainless finish.

We do keep a few blank bore brakes on hand to be custom threaded to order, contact us if you need this service.   It is normal brake price +$10

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in
Muzzle Threads

1/2-28 .264 Cal, 5/8-24 .30 Cal, 5/8-24 .375 Cal, 11/16-24 .458Cal, 3/4-24 .338 Cal

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Gyrex Single Port Brake
Gyrex Single Port Brake
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